How to run antminer s19 pro?

S19 server has a fixed frequency of 675 MHz, s19 pro server has a fixed frequency of 525 MHz, the firmware will stop working when the temperature (Outlet) reaches 95℃,there will be an error message "over max temp, pcb temp (real-time temp) displayed at the bottom of the kernel log page. Meanwhile, the server temperature on the dashboard interface becomes abnormal and shows "Temp is too high. The first step is to connect a power supply unit (PSU) to your S19 Pro. You can use special power supplies that are made specifically for Bitcoin mining or even those made for servers.

Connect all the power cables from your power supply to the power headers on top of the miner. One cable for the controller and the rest for the hash boards. A mining pool is what you will need to connect your Antminer to start mining Bitcoin. For 120V a combination L5-20R and L5-20P works for the plug and receptacle, so you would have a L5-20P plug and a C13 connector for the Antminer.

After powering up the Antminer device and connecting your Antminer to your local Internet network, you will need to locate the IP address of the machine. For those who are new to using Antminer machines, understand that they are very noisy and emit a lot of heat.

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