Antminer s19 specifications?

Miners do not need any hosting when using this miner. Other currencies you can mine with the Bitcoin antminer s19 include DGB-SHA, BitcoinCash, Nicehash, and Peercoin. There are four fans available in the miner, thus reducing the noise level. The noise level of this miner is set at 75db.

In terms of energy efficiency, the miner runs at 34.5± 5 percent. The miner also protects users from the spread of viruses in the firmware. The new generation of the Antminer 19 series showcases Bitmain's industry-leading technology, allowing miners to efficiently mine Bitcoin under the SHA256 algorithm. The new iteration of Antminers boasts superior performance, allowing miners to optimise profits and is designed for better performance to ensure long-term operations.

As Bitcoin halving approaches and the price of block rewards declines, the Antminer 19 series protects miners for future mining. Using the new APW12 high conversion efficiency power supply, the Antminer s19 and s19 pro achieve greater stability.

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